Control Valve

Control Valve


Our Hydraulic Control Unit is designed for Hydraulic Pressure Control. The flow is stepless adjustable, and is controlled through the handle. The Hydraulic Control Unit is also reversible just pull the handle backwards. The Hydraulic Pressure control is also monitored so you always know the exact hydraulic pressure you are using for blowing cables or ducts.  


Control Valve Specifications:

The hydraulic control unit is designed for hydraulic pressure control and speed adjustment on the PowerFlow, MultiFlow and MiniFlow Rapid.


The hydraulic control unit is made out of materials and with surfaces that protect it against corrosion. And the unit is really a piece of equipment that is so easy to operate and connect to your fiberblowingmachine and hydraulic pump.



NOTE: Control valve comes standard with 1.5 meter hoses. 

Appropriate, in most situations…

- but 5 and 15 meter extension hoses are available as accessories.

All with standard quick couplings.



Control Valve: DataSheet