Duct Accessories

Our cable mouse is used for single cable blowing. 
With the cable mouse sealing sticking to the inner wall of the duct it simply works like a piston or bullet that shoots its way through the duct.
The sealing is changeable for all common sizes of ducts.
When ordering, you need to inform us which sizes of ducts you are going to blow into.
​Then you will receive a complete customized sealing set together with your cable mouse.

Our watertight Probe PL 33 is used for calibration of empty mainducts < 30 mm ID.
It is traceable at 33 kHz frequency.
It can operate in 2-5 metres depth.
Mounting: M12 threaded.
Dimensions: 20 x 140 mm.


We of course offer quality lubricant that will not damage duct or cables either in the short or long term.
Lbricant reduces friction and static electricity significantly.
FlowLUB 2000 for main ducts.
FlowLUB 5000 for micro ducts.

FlowLUB 5000 Winter grade for micro ducts

FlowLUB really improves the blowing length!



Special for Microducts



Airtight aluminum tips for screwing into the end of microducts.
This means that microducts will slide more easily over obstacles in the main duct, for example, a bad mounted connector.



We suggest mounting a blow-back valve in the opposite end of the microduct (at the drum).

This way the duct is filled with åir pressure, which will prevent the duct from collapsing during relining.

We also offer several high quality cutters for microducts.
Please ask us about terms and specifications.