Intelligent Fiber Blowing Machine

The Microflow LOG is for blowing FTTH fibers (EPFU) and micro cables. Compatible with OptiCloud.

The Microflow LOG makes work easier for network owners, contractors and installers as well as duct and cable manufacturers. It is a data driven decision tool, which minimizes the risk of costly errors due to wrong blowing techiques. Online diagnostics can show you how the machine operates and how to improve the utilization.


The Microflow LOG is compatible with OptiCloud - a new user-friendly mangement tool. Read more about OptiCloud.


Each job with the Microflow LOG ends with a full report on quality based information such as:

  • Stress on the cable
  • Comparison of different types of cables
  • If predetermined blowing limitiation are exeeded
  • Confirmation of job, location and time


MicroFlow LOG Specifications:

Cable Diameter: 0.8-6.5 mm
Into Ducts: 4-16 mm
Fiber Blowing Distance*: < 2.5 km
Max. Speed**: 90 m/min







*Depending on type of microduct and cable
**Cooled and dried air


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